Baseball game enhancements

We are looking for a new development partner to work on our Baseball related iPhone game app. Take the existing game and add enhancements. We are looking to make on going enhancements and can work on a project cost or revenue share. Preferably someone who is passionate about baseball.

We are looking to increase sales of and traffic to our existing iPhone app  which has been in App Store for some time. In addition  we are looking to increase revenue through in-app mobile commerce.

The Game Engine is Coco2D-X.

Must be a able to take over an existing app and make enhancements as required.

Stage 1:

Adding new preloaded characters to the game in accordance with the existing cartoon style (graphic guidelines to be provided).

Have the ability for a player to upgrade the characters with clothing upgrades either via direct payment or by purchasing in-app points.

Full and free version, we have both options on iTunes.

Adding new baseball park and locations, day or night games.

Head to head ability play against friends or anyone around the world.

Stage 2:

Add different pitches for added difficulty.

Adding levels Rookie, Major leaguer, All-star, Hall of Fame.

Adding more targets in Target mode, add moving targets.

Potential for seasonal upgrades, Christmas, Halloween. Example: Halloween outfits and hitting pumpkins instead of baseballs.

Create your own avatar.

Stage 3:

Use in-game points to unlock product giveaways.

Add Digital advertising changing signs on the baseball field.

E-commerce partner. Linking for example sporting goods supplier.

Social Media Campaign using Facebook and Twitter.

Create Android Version and Facebook Version of the game.

We are looking to enhance the game in three stages. Stage 1 (short term) is mandatory with stages 2-3 (mid-to-long term) as option. We are looking for full development house with highly skilled graphic artists. We own the code. We are looking for a high-quality firm with experience in game development and graphic design. We are willing to negotiate a project-based contract (stage 1or stages 1-3) or work with you on a revenue share model.