Daniel’s how-to-make-a-great-Bid -tutorial

Mobile Brain Bank’s Project activity has increased lately, and the Developer community’s become even more active – we wish to sincerely thank you all, and will keep on delivering high-quality Projects in the future as well.

With the Developer activity increasing, we are getting more and more questions about how to make attractive and comprehensive Bids. We have never awarded a Project to the lowest bidder, so focusing on other things than price will pay off. Our Project Manager Daniel took the initiative, and wrote a small tutorial about the details that Mobile Brain Bank values when reviewing the Project Bids.

1.  Technical details

We get a lot of Bids that show the Developer company’s capability for the platform or programming language, but no further individual Project information – would you hire somebody you know has done some stuff before, but doesn’t display further plans for this certain case? Not likely. Try to add as much technical details and methods as ever possible.

2. Timeline

 Timeline. Always remember to show concrete plans for the Project’s development trajectory. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy or too specific, but something to describe the development path is always a sign of experience.

3. Language and attitude

It can be nice to have a personal edge in your Bid, but aggressive or imperious style does a stunning job of driving customers away. When Bidding, try to use polite language, and keep a professional attitude.

4. Attachments

Attachments are not mandatory when writing Bids, but to have a styled document with graphics always leaves a professional impression.

5. References

As is clear, references and previous customer reviews are a sign of professionalism. A pig in a poke wouldn’t attract too much interest, so if there are any references or past commissions available, it’s recommendable to attach them to your quote.

Happy Bidding, we’re looking forward to future co-operations!


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