Fans play in Arena mobile game

This  <stealthmode> is a dynamic, interactive mobile sports app that gives opposing teams fans the opportunity to play against each other on GameDay…Live! The game can be played in any arena that has a jumbotron or similar large display(s). Works with basketball, baseball, hockey etc.


Registration (1st time FB ok, later email)



Interaction with jumbotron sw

Backend for Arena staff and vendors to edit, submit prize information etc.

A content management system must have the following dynamic fields:

  • Events (text)
  • Arenas (text and image)
  • Time and date (text)
  • Teams (text and image)
  • Game content, questions (text)
  • General sponsor(s) (text and image)
  • Price provider(s) (text and image)
  • Coupons (text and image)

Following fields will be static:

  • Registration data fields
  • Log-in data fields
  • Tabs (Events, Arenas, Dates)
  • Seat number fields (K, AA, 27)

More information under NDA to selected developers.