Our customer CubiCasa did a short survey at TechCrunch Disrupt on using floor plans as a UI. 78% preferred the visual floor plan to the plain list view.  I was there holding the iPad so I got to hear the comments, too. Those favoring the floor plan where confident that GUI is always better than a list. Some said they would prefer the floor plan in their office or other place they don’t know so well, but they’d like the list view in their house. The list view is easier to customize (“Ada’s room”, “playroom” etc).

Adding the floor plan is easy when the app is only ever meant to work in one large indoor space, like a mall or a hospital. But what about a situation when every home owner needs to install their own house plan as the UI.

Calling smart-home vendors and home automation people, how would you allow your consumer customers to upload their own floor plan for monitor and control?