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Mobile Brain Bank is a global network of idea-rich individuals, entrepreneurs, and start-ups and creating new. We believe that new business, product and service innovation is best generated by sharing ideas, sharing experience, and by solving challenges together.

To support the ideology in practice, the Mobile Brain Bank is now being registered as a structured and fully transparent non-profit association under the Association Register of  National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland.

As required by the Finnish Associations Act, a registered association shall have a Board of Directors. We are thrilled to announce these skillful and experienced people have accepted the invite to join Mobile Brain Bank’s Board of Directors.

Harri Lakkala

Harri has earned his kudos from being the person introducing wikis and blogs to Nokia back in 2005. Currently running his own business Intosome, Harri continues to educate corporations on the wide opportunities of social media.

Pertti Lounamaa

After an extensive career at Nokia, as a Vice President level influencer to mobile architecture, standards, web technologies and research, Pertti is heading his own start-up Pajat Management for initiating and building mobile software startups.

Sari P. Päivärinta

Enjoying a front row seat to the technological advancements of the future as innovation and spearhead project manager at Nokia. Also heading the world’s most northern mobile industry demo lab in Oulu and welcoming all for a mighty inspirational visit.

Petra Söderling

Is someone who likes to see a connection between technology, science, nature and a good life for all of us on this planet.  A decade in mobile R&D has grown a keen interest in research, user interface design, human-computer relations, augmented reality, nanosciences, biomaterials, ubiqutous computing etc. This topped with a humanist’s approach, stong values in equality between those who have and those who have not.

Peter Vesterbacka

Serial entrepreneur, founder of Some Bazaar, accelerating business by applying a shared everything model to business creation. Co-founder of Mobile Monday, founder of and Connected Day.  Prior,  Founder of  HP Bazaar. Helsinki – Palo Alto – Helsinki.

For more information:

Petra Söderling
Mobile Brain Bank r.y.
Email: petra ( at )
Tel: +358 40 8343019


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