Highly graphical iPad alpha

We are looking to build a alpha version of an iOS application optimized for iPad. To support this application we are looking to also build a working back-end service. The application and service target to deliver a superior relational browsing experience on touch devices.

Our company is a startup. This application and service will be our first application and we intend future versions to be the focus of our business going forward. With this proof-of-concept/alpha version we intend to conduct a limited program with only end-users. Through this program we are looking to collect usage data and validate user behavior assumptions. We expect this program to be able to accommodate up to 250 people. This version will also be used to attract key partners and advertisers to participate in our subsequent beta program.

1) Server-side applications built on open source platforms delivering the following services:

– User authentication service – using Facebook API’s to log into the application and service

– User Directory Service Stores information related to a user

– Object Creation Service – using Twitter API’s Bing API’s and possibly other Facebook API’s to parse information on those services and store selected information in a database from those services and from the web

– Object Maintenance Service – recording of user usage of objects via the related iOS application into a database refreshment of information gathered by the Object Creation Service in the database elimination and/or consolidation of redundant objects and/or information in the database

– Object Relationship Service parsing of object users, collection and application usage information to calculate relativity between objects for notification to the user of the service

– Notification Service messaging service to deliver suggestions for interesting objects that a user may want to collect. Notifications are to be done via the related iOS application        email  and/or Facebook.

– Object Server Service Delivery of objects and their data to the iOS application.

2) Highly graphical iOS application that does the following:

– Displays information from the Object Server Service. (see attached graphic 1) Allows user to expand and contract information on which they choose to focus.

– Allows for the collection of Objects by placement of multiple Objects on a grid the sending of that placement information back to the Object Maintenance Service and the appropriate linking to User Directory Services. (see attached graphic 2)

– Displays a limited Bing search based on pre-defined criteria sent from the Object Server Service.

– Displays a limited Twitter Search based on pre-defined criteria sent from the Object Server Service.

– Displays a limited Facebook feed based on pre-defined criteria sent from the Object Server Service.

– Enables users and the system to input information that are stored by the User Directory Service: user information to include in this build (Facebook account Twitter account email address location language iOS version iPad version)

– 3-step start-up guide to get a user started on the application and deliver needed information for the service

– Feedback screen for the alpha program

A highly instrumented version of the iOS application to more closely monitor a users behavior and usage patterns.