Location based app for Finnish brand

Location based app for a Finnish Brand. We are looking to create an iPhone app for a Finnish company who has outlets in multiple locations in Finland. The app main functionalities are to guide end customers to store locations send out location based marketing information and to dynamically list and update our branded products.

“By enabling our consumer customers to find us on the map get driving/walking instructions to nearest store, sending out location based marketing messages, and provide a list of always up to date product information we expect to find new customers, attract ad-hoc shoppers, and maintain a fresh brand image.”

Looking to create a stand-alone iPhone app. Client needs to update text information via web browser.

  1. Before end user can download (or take into use) the app they must provide personal information (eg. email address and mobile phone number). This is probably best done by asking them to create a user account. We must have the ability to change/update information fields asked from the user.
  2. Map of store locations: By clicking/zooming on the store the app must give information about the store (address, phone numbers, opening hours, special offers etc). We must have the ability to change/update this store-specific information easily
  3. Navigation (driving/walking) instructions from the user location to nearest store.
  4. When the user approaches an x distance from nearest store the app must send the user either store specific information (pulled from same source as above) or a campaign message distributed centrally to all stores in Finland. We must have the ability to change between store-specific and brand-wide campaign messages.
  5. Ability for the users to view/download a list of our branded products with basic product information. We must have the ability to easily and dynamically change and update product information. Product information is not store specific but from a central national product database.


Send out location based message to user even when their iPhone is locked.

Text-to-speech for navigation and informational messages.

Benchmark McDonalds Finland iPhone app has similar features.

This app will be in Finnish language (at least the first version.

Please ensure the app is compatible with Finnish privacy regulations.

The brand will own all IP including copyrights of the app.

You will work with our own graphic designer who will create the branded look&feel for the app.

Please provide a separate price for each feature so that we are able to decide between taking all features or just some of them.

We need all bids in by end of January 2012.

If there is any questions don’t hesitate to contact us via MBB.