Mobile ranking site

This customer has an existing web app that allows teams and communities to list and rank things or ideas. The ranking tool can be used for as small as a group of friends planning and prioritizing a holiday destination all the way to large corporations to launch a crowd sourcing initiative.

The current website does not function well on mobile browsers so we are looking to launch a mobile friendly version built on html5 or similar. Enable use of our service on most common mobile phones. We think that html5 might be the correct way to do it but do let us know if you have a better idea.

The existing web solution is built with Ruby on Rails 3 on Ruby 2.0.0 and an overloaded namespaced jQuery (mobile version can also be mapped to a different library).

What is right now existing?

The portal version including DnD.


Widget system.

own Javascript-library which maps rails objects to JS-Objects. Includes a builder template generator and rendering facility Object loader & updater

What do you get from us?

We supply a virtual engine with a installation of our software


Access to our git repository

Access to our Tracking Tool

Graphic design and UX

See attached pdf for Wireframes + (not in wireframes yet) Register page Edit profile Watch images/media add media if possible including taking pictures.

We are looking to receive:

Ruby on Rails code, ERB-Templates, Javascript, SCSS in a branch of our git repository

Controller Split logic to discriminate mobile devices from computers

Extension to our Library

Implementation of the mobile Drag-and-Drop and sliding screens

ERB-Templates for mobile devices

mobile SCSS file based on the existing SCSS and templates. All requirements are must have at this point.

Taking part in ranking or voting items often comes as triggered by a message from social media    friends etc. We would like to provide our users the chance to use our service immediately from the phone rather than wait to get home to the computer. This mobile app/site should be launched by end of July 2013.