New look&feel

Mobile Brain Bank is growing from the hobbyists’ grass root activity into the serious hobbyist’s grass root activity with style. Our old visual mark was created on the fly by using a word document and whatever happened to be the default font on that document. The hurry back in July 2009 was to get a LinkedIn group opened up, and that LinkedIn form required a logo of some sort, otherwise the group would not have been established.

Even if you don’t have fancy sponsors doesn’t mean you cannot afford style.

Pasi Lehtinen, a MoBB activist from Oulu, Interactive Art Director and a Freelance designer, threw in his talkoot-spirit*) and came to rescue.
Says Pasi: “I saw the huge potential in Mobile Brain Bank, but it wasn’t reflected in the visual identity. I wanted to change that. I wanted people tp see that there is something new and exciting going on and you should get involved. RIGHT NOW!  Mobile Brain Bank is all about getting connected.


Conversation is the key. The new logo speaks for itself. It wants you to speak, interact and exchange ideas.  Speak, and speak loud! A speech bubble logo is simple, but unique. It´s funny, but elegant.

I hope it will create some additional conversation also 😀


I have worked with corporate identities for over a decade. These projects range from huge multi-million technology brands to small one man art projects. Making new and fresh identities is an obsession to me. I love it, it´s hard but rewarding work.


Other parts of my work are on various fields of design from print blueprints to prototypes of mobile touch user interfaces. I just can´t sit and do nothing, I have to be on the move all the time.”


Pasi’s philosophy is not to advertise his work on the web, instead, he relies on good results bringing more work by itself. His own website,, shows mostly his photography work which he is doing in between design projects.


Check out Pasi’s website for inspiring photos, or follow his crazy life on Twitter


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