New services

We’ve been running the Mobile Brain Bank developer match-making service commercially since January 2012. It’s been a joyride, talking to companies who are looking for mobile developers to carry out their project. Many have used the website, posting a Project and enjoying those bids flow in. But there is another group of companies we have not yet been able to serve. Those who, for one reason or another, cannot outsource their development.

Mobile Brain Bank is hearing your need and launching direct recruitment service. We act as your headhunter, finding that one individual rock-star you are looking for from our own pool of 3000 developers, and tapping into the surrounding networks of up to 20,000 software engineers and computer scientists. We also have access to hw/sw teams located in Finland and Germany, a group of people capable of creating a full mobile device.

Other services launched this summer include Project Management, and Full delivery. Read more about these services at

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