Object recognition based fashion solution

Our customer is a social media service targeted at fashion enthusiasts looking to launch image/object recognition based features. It works on mobile and web, and in its introductory phase it will concentrate on handbags. Users will be able to snap a photo of a handbag on the street, and upload it to the blog. The user will be able to provide product information together with uploading the photo (TBC), but the app will also feature image recognition technology to recognize the handbags brand, style, price and where to buy it (geo-targeted).

The mobile app and the corresponding blog will feature uploading photos via email and from your computer, social sharing, products in editorial spreads and on celebrities, trend info, interviews with designers/retailers, guest articles, e-newsletter, free and paid membership, analytics, advertisement and affiliate programs.

In this first phase (Phase 1), we are only looking into the enabling technology/technologies for Object Recognition in the app and/or in the cloud.