Post-Frankenstorm update

Hello from post Hurricane Sandy New York. Our office on Union Square has had no electricity since Monday, and all data connections in my apartment are down. Luckily I am able to charge my cell phone and laptop at home, and find occasional hotspots for connectivity. It is difficult to work this week, but I try to get all mandatory requests answered in order of urgency. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience to our customers and developer partners.

Sandy has been a hard experience for tens of millions of people living in the East Coast. People have lost family members and homes, and millions are without electricity, heating or water. Utility companies are working hard to get all networks and service lines repaired.

Mobile Brain Bank is ready to help in rebuilding these services once the most urgent clean-up and repair work is done. We are collecting white-label mobile solutions from our network to offer to local utility companies. If you have a mobile app or solution which you think would help in the situation, please contact us soonest. We are putting together a package help utility companies and local municipal authorities in easing field work and customer communications.

Lastly, thank you for the many of you who have been concerned about our well-being here. The Mobile Brain Bank team has been lucky and survived with minor inconvenience only. We look forward to working with you all in creating a terrific portfolio of mobile solutions for the energy industry in East-Coast.

With best regards,

Petra Söderling, Founder and CEO

with Vesa Koivisto, Smart Grid Partner

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