Project Freya, Android, Ruby

Hello and thanks for taking a look at our project.

We are a start-up with a prototype of a new communications & privacy tool built in Ruby and running on desktop environments.

The client-side components of the prototype essentially consist of:

– A core library implementing the main functionality;

– A utility library implementing a handful of useful utility functions;


The applications themselves run on top of the above. We would now like to create an Android port of the above by porting the core libraries to a format that can be distributed and used by third party application developers; alongside this we need a test application UI.

The scale we are talking about is fairly modest:

– Core library: ~20 methods / ~300 lines of code.

– Utils: ~5 methods / ~60 lines of code.

– Config stuff: ~30 lines of code.

The code was written in Ruby partly for prototyping speed but partly also to provide a readable reference. Also the team who did it is on hand to answer questions and provide support etc.

A few must-haves:

– Excellent proficiency in the target platform;

– Familiarity with the source platform;

– Ability to meet our needs for confidentiality: all development/code to be stored and exchanged on Truecrypt-encrypted volumes; usual NDA clauses.

tested functional code with good documentation. Good doesn’t need to mean enormous it’s more about quality: it means it’s good enough for another developer to pick it up and work with.

And a few would-really-likes:

– Someone who has familiarity with encryption and security both in principle and practice;

– Someone who is potentially interested in ongoing/further work. We don’t mind where you live as long as you’re on Skype. We’d much prefer individual developers to development shops: thanks.

This is an exciting project and an original thing to work on: look forward to hearing from you!