Current leads and RFPs

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Completed projects

ID Project name
35 Environment mapping mobile app
34 Windows desktop app for pharmaceutical
33 Fans play Arena mobile game, Android
32 Retail real estate location app
31 Object recognition based fashion solution
30 Youth team sport chat and calendar app, iOS, Android , WP
29 Smarthome Mobile App functionality mapping
28 Baseball game app, iOS, Android
27 Mobile Application for Field Data Entry, wastewater utility, iOS, Android
26 iOS and Android UI for a telemedicine conversation service, iOS, Android
25 Data analytics and backend
24 Mobile ranking site, html5
23 Live translation chat ‘Globe chat’, Andrdoid, iOS
22 Social music app, Android, iOS
21 RF tool development for energy utility mgmt
20 Picocell, Femtocell scouting
19 Farming services in Africa, GNU/Linux, Ruby
18 Rural connect (India) Android, Symbian, Bada, J2ME
17 IBM cloud, UNIX, IBM
16 Car connectivity with MirrorLink(tm) WP, MeeGo
15 Project Freya, Android, Ruby
14 NGO field IM messaging app, Android
13 Highly graphical iPad alpha, Apple iOS
12 Location based app for a Finnish Brand, iOS
11 HTML5 mobile development
10 Beer Brand search app, Android, PhoneGap or Jquery mobile
9 HTML5 mobile coupon app, NYC only
8 Ground braking mobile music streaming service, iOS, Android
7 Augmented Reality app (Helsinki), iOS, Android
6 Smart-Pad, iOS, Android
5 Video production mgmt app, iOS, Android, WP
4 ‘Google Earth type app with history’, iOS, Android, Blackberry
3 Learning/education, iOS, Android, digital whiteboard
2 Location based mobile store, iOS, Android, html5
1 Mobile version of an existing website, iOS, Android