Environment mapping mobile app

Build a native app (and related server backend and web interface) that allows the user to document their environment.
Platforms: iOS 8 and above and Android KitKat and above, phones and tablets, portrait and landscape.

Use flow:
1. User selects or confirms location — show satellite view of google maps for location, including one custom tile overlay (API provided)
2. User draws free-hand shape on map — translate to vector shape and show on map, vector shape is editable
3. User takes one or more pictures of that area
4. User sets a few multiple-choice variables
4. Repeat until done
5. User groups drawn areas into several groups
6. User submits data to server

Bonus feature 1: Amazon’s Mayday-type support
1. User selects help button
2. User connected by VoIP call to support center (audio only)
3. support person can see screen of user, including when in camera mode
4. support person can mark on screen
(in contrast to MayDay, we don’t need a video feed of the support person, nor control of the device)

Bonus feature 2: hand-off from the web interface through QR code
1. User creates account online — confirmation page shows QR code, directed to download the app
2. User opens app and scans QR code from desktop screen — substitutes log in or account creation in the app

1. Submitted data review interface — staff must be able to retrieve and review the submitted data (not consumer facing).
2. Mayday support interface — support staff must have a web interface to interact with the mobile user. Queue and distribute calls, show user screen, draw on screen.

Design and UX are provided.

Possible MayDay-type platforms:

1. Relevant experience
2. Examples of your work of apps that use mapping and voip
3. App store rankings of apps you’ve built
4. Most recent published mobile app

Please contact hiring@etwater.com for this project.