Rural connect app (native/cross-pltfm)

We are creating a service to connect rural areas through a mobile application. The idea is to create a mobile network between farmers and other disadvantaged people from countryside and help them share information experience and stories.

Unlike normal Mobile Brain Bank Projects there is no set price or budget for the developer(s). The bidding process will act more like a RFI after which the developer selection process will take place. We are choosing multiple developers for this Project.

We aim to create an application that connects people from rural areas. The application is to have picture/video/voice/story uploading and other sharing functions. Considering its functionality    it can be thought of as a Facebook for a more focused group.

We have an existing Android prototype but we are hoping to expand the application to all mobile platforms so that the application would not be dependent on any specific platform. We have not invested in any hosting systems but will be buying it from standard providers such as amazon.

Display graphics

Share user-inserted stories

Display pictures

Record and share voice files

Show video

Other later-defined things (Group contacts, Oral Wikipedia, Q and A Platform, Feedback Channel)

Android, Bada, Symbian, j2me

India, Africa, South East Asia

An Android-based prototype will be shown to chosen developers. As mentioned before we are aiming to find multiple developers. This Project carries the “Life Apps” idea: there are more than 1 billion disadvantaged persons that are suffering in bad conditions and depend on weather to survive. This application is to be a valuable asset to all those people and is truly a model example of how applications and programming can actually make good things happen to people in real life.