Salo Synapse

Salo kickoff was held on Wednesday March 10th at the local Protomo facilites. We were a crowd of around 15 people, not too many but just enough to have the possibility to talk to everyone and get to know each other.

Everyone had an interesting story to tell, including Jorma Nieminen, founder of Benefon, Anu Torkkeli, founder of Paljon Hyvää, and Igor Burattini and Mikko Rindell, founders of BoostTurku.

We also some interesting Promoto projects, including a ready prototype of MAX-isol construction elements. I was extremely happy with the evening, and look forward to another one of these either in Salo or in Turku.

If you were there, or otherwise have an opinion how we should continue, either leave a comment here, or go to

guestbook to give feedback.

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