For Businesses

Are you looking to solve bottlenecks in manufacturing or logistics? Would you like to increase sales and customer loyalty? What is the Internet of Things and does it have anything to do with social media? How would it feel like to break away from stagnation and disrupt the way your industry does things altogether?

Software solutions and digital services can have an enormous effect on how traditional industry or retail companies run their businesses. Mobile Brain Bank’s network of service providers and developers are here to take your affairs a nudge forward, or revolutionize how your company makes money. Make your move.

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For Developers

Mobile Brain Bank knows developers. We understand how challenging it can be to bring your new products and services to international markets. We are here to assist you with your go-to-market strategies, defining and targeting the right customer base, and creating a business model that will be well received by international corporate customers.
Our sales network in Europe and USA are at your service, ready to reach out to business customers in telecommunications, energy, clean-tech, retail, media, logistics, manufacturing, and other industries. Sign up to our newsletter, follow our social media accounts, and be welcome to promote your services to businesses around the world.
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Let’s hear it from you

Whether you work in primary, secondary, or tertiary industry, you probably have an idea how software solutions can make the world a tiny bit better place for all of us.
Come forward with your ideas, talking points, concepts, or ready-made solutions. We welcome guest blogs, conversation in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Even the silliest idea could be a gem to someone. The world is not complete, thank goodness.