Small will prevail


Mobile apps are complex to build on your own

So, you’ve been running your company successfully for years. You have a website, email, intranet, ERP, a Facebook page and maybe even a Twitter handle. What more could you need? Well, it depends. Launching a mobile app is a decision you will need to make based on your business model and customer behavior.

Ideally an app is a solution that enhances your existing business by bringing new value to your customers based on mobility (they are able to use your services anytime anywhere), and making use of the phone’s capabilities (GPS, camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, NFC etc.). Leaving out the latter – you are good to go with a mobile optimized website.

Once you have decided that, indeed, it would be good for your customers to use your music, bike rental, restaurant, dry cleaning, gaming, farming, dentist, or carpooling service on their mobiles or tablets, you need to figure out how to create the app.

If you just want something quick and dirty, you can well rely on DIY app generators from the web. There are services available where anyone with no technical expertise can create an app. However, these “apps” are very close to mobile websites, and do not offer the user full capabilities of a native app. There are also more sophisticated app creating tools out there, but the deeper you go into Software Development Kits, the more you need to know what you are doing in terms of software development, and hardware-software integration.

Mobile Brain Bank outsources your pain

Mobile Brain Bank is set out to help companies who lack skills and resources to ride the mobile wave. Businesses register at and fill in a new Project template. A Project describes your basic needs in business or technical terms, as much as the business owner is able to describe. Mobile Brain Bank’s staff receives the Project draft, and we contact the Business customer to discuss and fill in the blanks.

Our founders and employees have a long experience in mobile R&D, so we are able to translate your business requirements into technical terms. You will need to figure out a few basic things beforehand, though: Are you looking to enhance existing customer relations, looking for new customers, trying to reduce cost, or enter into a new business area. Also, you will need to provide us with a description of your typical customers, so we are able to recommend the best smartphone platform(s) for you.

Once we have reached an agreement on your needs, the Project goes live on our site. Your company’s identity will not be revealed, so your competitors will never find out what you are working on, and you can keep the surprise element with your customers until the launch.

Mobile Brain Bank has up to 3000 mobile app development companies in our community. The developers will leave bids for your project, and by a deadline Mobile Brain Bank staff will recommend one or two that we think are a best fit for you. Under NDA, we iron out the final details and start developing your app.

If you like, our staff can act as your ears and eyes towards the developer company also during the development process. Depending on the size of the project, you may be looking into several months of production. We can ensure that during this time milestones are kept, budget is used wisely, and the quality of the work is what it was agreed to be. You are free to work directly with the developer company, too, if you think that’s a better option for you.

A multi-disciplinary outsourcing model is perfect for mobile apps

Building a mobile app, or any software, is a textbook example of a project where things can go right or they can go really wrong. As a customer you are expected to know what you need, and you are expected to contribute into the process along the way. Once you place an order with one company, you are pretty much married to them until the project is done. Not being an expert in the field will make you dependent on them on most questions. Having a neutral party in between will cost you a little extra, but may end up saving a lot more. A broker brings flexibility in all stages; from project definition to the bidding process to the project development and delivery.

Finding the right developer is not easy, either. Asking your neighbor’s cousin to do it is usually not a good idea. Each developer company has their own area of expertise and they are likely to recommend you to go their way. A good assessment of your genuine customer needs is an important first step, followed by a large pool of available resources. The beauty in sourcing from a community is perhaps best seen in the speed in which you will start receiving quotes – and only from companies who are available for you now.

Mobile Brain Bank will also facilitate real crowdsourcing, or shared development. In cases where you have a special need, let’s say around speech recognition, printed electronics, machine vision or anything out of the ordinary, we can match those special talents with essential coders in order to create something truly unique.

The counterpart of sourcing special talent is optimizing the price, naturally. When we have locked-in your needs, and we understand they are basic, why pay extra when we can offer a low cost option from a bulk vendor.

Small will prevail

Building software in massive chunks all planned beforehand is history. Even ordering agile software development from big companies is fine if you can level the muscle. But if you look around, the world is not going towards bigger units, but smaller. Small startups are way cooler places to work at than traditional companies. Smaller coffee shops and restaurants beat the branded chains any day in quality of service and taste of food and drink. Microbreweries and craftsmanship is valued over top 10 brands. Second hand, DIY and vintage stand for sustainability, friendliness and sensibility.

When the world looks more beautiful through a kaleidoscope, why resist the change. Let’s bring mobile app development to the 21st century by allowing the whole world to take part in the game.


Petra Söderling is the Founder and CEO of, an online service for companies to define their mobile app needs, and to source the perfect developer to execute the work. Mobile Brain Bank developer community hosts nearly 3000 professional developers from US, Europe and Asia, mastering all major mobile platforms and technologies.

Petra has over 12 years of industry experience, running R&D software development teams, innovation and research promotions, corporate strategy, standardization and open source development at Nokia. She is a keen spectator and commentator of the mobile lifestyle, globally.



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