Smart home mobile app functionality mapping

This smart home vendor provides solutions that include real-time energy consumption monitoring, optimization and cost savings. These solutions are provided both for individual end users (residential and industrial) as well as utilities.

We are creating and launching mobile/tablet app as an easy-to-use and intuitive service for end users to gain information of their energy usage in near real-time with the objective to enable end users to achieve energy and cost savings. The app is targeted to be customizable for the utility customers. Moreover, the app is targeted to provide the utility customers a higher degree of flexibility and tailoring possibilities for the content and visual appearances of information, at lower total cost than currently used, stand-alone In-Home Display units.

The plan is to use a wireless data logger to collect the electric meter pulse count, which reflects the total electric energy consumption information of end user. Data logger will transmit pulse count information via end user’s existing internet connection to servers, where the data will be made available for the Mobile App. The data logger will collect, buffer and transmit the pulse count information at later defined granularity and intervals.