Social music app (iOS, Android)

Social music apps (2x). Creating iOS and Android apps of an existing online music service. This web service allows registered independent artists to upload their own songs and registered users to download (free or purchase) songs and create “mixtape” albums out of 10 songs from various artists. People discover and listen to music on the go. We want to expand the experience that we currently offer on our website from computers onto mobile phones.

We are looking to create the mobile apps in two phases. 1) The first phase allows iOS and Android app users to take part in social discussion  link to videos upload photos and to purchase individual songs.

2) The second phase will allow app users to create mixtape albums from songs they purchased. In the second phase we also allow artists to upload their own recordings from the mobile app.

This RFP is for the first phase only.

We have a website where

  1. a) Artists are able to upload songs. Songs are listed on the site and categorized under various genres. Users are able to purchase songs and create their own mixtape albums by purchasing min. 10 songs from various artists.
  2. b) Existing music lover community is able to post conversational comments upload images upload video files     or link to existing videos in YouTube and other video services.
  3. A) and b) are separate functions.

This website is created with Joomla (JomSocial).

Both iOS and Android apps must have:

  • Ability to register as A new user or log into the service as an existing user. Logging in lands you on the social community page where you can see a stream of comments images and videos posted by your friends.
  • Ability for a user to post updates and comment friends’ updates unlimited number of characters
  • Ability for a user to upload an image from the phone’s photo
  • Ability for the user to link to a video (cut and paste a url by using the phone’s own cut&paste functionality)
  • Ability for the user to access all songs listed in the Service and to purchase them as individual songs. The purchasing process can be created by using any standard e-commerce API or possible e-commerce functionality within the native SDK. The user pays with PayPal or credit card. The purchased song will be downloaded on a server – not the phone accessible later from the computer. This way we do not need to address DRM on the phone at this phase (Please let us know if you have a better idea for this).
  • Ability for the user to edit their personal profile (change profile picture profile video edit details edit privacy settings)
  • Ability to search people (those registered in the Service) view all friends and invite new friends by email