Taking on new territories with Toolbox Energy

You may have noticed our soft launch of Toolbox Energy at Slush. Since November we’ve been working on creating that perfect portfolio of software services and products that have the ability to make changes in the field of energy.

Toolbox Energy is a love child of ICT and energy. The site provides information, resources, best practices and trends on Big Data, Internet of Things, and software solutions useful for companies looking to leverage these opportunities.

The Blog focuses on topics such as Demand-Response, energy resource management, edge of the grid, metering (and other peripherals), and storage. We are looking into the space between the grid and the end user.

Our Showcase part of the website demonstrates a handful of trusted and tested solution providers that we at Mobile Brain Bank are proud to work with. The portfolio is put together so that our customers in and around  electricity utility space are able to benefit from attentive, boutique-style of service providers with time and resources dedicated to our customers.

Welcome to 2015 with an energy boost!

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