To US markets through NYC incubator

We are excited to be a member of the Finnish Mobile Association (Finnmob) as they announce plans to open an incubator in New York City. This incubator will offer office space as well as mentoring services and introduction to local investors.

From the Finnmob release: ““We can certainly see a shift from West Coast to East Coast happening in the technology market. For example, Google just opened their new media headquarters in New York. As convergence of mobile and media is continuing, it is important for mobile companies to be in New York, where all the major digital, media and advertising agencies are based. We believe that the next big revenue source for mobile will be from media and advertising,” comments Ismo Rantala, Managing Director of FinnMob.”

Mobile Brain Bank will be the first to book space at the incubator to be able to facilitate the channel and services to the pool of development talent signing up to Mobile Brain Bank’s upcoming software broker service.

Mobile Brain Bank is a Finnish born organization but our mission is to enable mobile talents globally to offer their development and other skills for customers in the US, European and Asian markets. We are especially welcoming talent being freed at major R&D centers like Cambridge UK, Cambridge US, London, Copenhagen, Bangalore, and Oulu, Tampere and the capital region of Finland.

While our actual online service is being ramped up, please join the Mobile Brain Bank LinkedIn group to be first to hear about the progress.

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