Video production mgmt app

This customer is a video production company with a scalable and standardized video production service. We would like to have a nice crisp and simple project following/ managing app for us and our customers. It would simply show the steps of a single video being produced to the customer producer manager and editor. It would show where we are on the steps ( 8 with substeps on some ) whose got the ball and what are we waiting for. Short text input and checkboxes allowed only for users. iPhone & Nokia.

We want to make a single videos production situation an easily accessible public thing among the project participants. This would create openness and sense of control to everybody. It would also encourage the person “”holding the ball”” to get on with it. 🙂 Joking would be appreciated content.

Please use some existing system and customize it? Email notifications might be cool.”;”Simplicity. Ability to add new projects and users to those projects. Rights to add them only to admin. Users have different roles ( Producer, customer, editor, reviewer, the One.) Admin can moderate text comments. Admin decides who has to check the “”approved step”” -boxes. When all boxes are checked on a step or a substep this step is done and its color on the nice & cool timeline illuminatesgiving a nice feeling for everyone!

Producer closes the deal and tells the customer about one more thing: The cool NN App. He adds the customer as a user. The customer checks the “”order confirmed”” -checkbox on the app and so does the producer and the step’s color fills up with a nice sound. The CEO of NN somewhere else ( reviewer role) sees this action and comments:”” Welcome aboard Mr. Customer! Let’s get you some attention with this video!”” Customer replies”” Thanks! Let’s do it. BTW Cool App!